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# soorten projecten

Voorbeelden die ik gevonden heb van onderdak, gemaakt door kunstenaars(projecten).

Project van de Amerikaanse kunstenaar Michael Rokaowitz

the paraSITES

inflatable shelters designed for homelesse people that attach to the exterior outtake vents of a building’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.The  warm air leaving the building simultaneously inflates and heats the double membrane structure. The paraSITES  were distributed to over 30 homeless people in Boston and Cambridge, MA and New York City.


by editors of phaidon press ( een afb.daaruit)


A funny, yellow, grinning face suddenly interrups a row of conventional houses in downtown kyoto. This building’s painted concrete facade is embellished with two round windows, a projected cylindrical ventilation opening and recessed glass entrance doors. It accommodates two studios for a graphic designer on the street level, and family living space.

The front facade of the Face House demonstrates an early post-modern tendency, while the interior arrangement expresses the architect’s commitment to a alternative living environment.

Soft Clinic by the Canadian Bakerygroup was designed for a mobile AIDS/ HIV clinic competition organized by Architecture for Humanity

– a charitable organization that promotes arcitectural and design solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises. Soft Clinic is a fully integrated, folding tensile structure and self-contained tented enclosure.

The central core of the clinic is used for transportation, storage of equipment, utilities and the tensile enclosure. Minimal cost and ease of fabrication were the principal design criteria.

The underlying idea of the Soft Clinic was tot develop a structure that could be easily assembled with locally available materials and skills such as fabrics and sewing. The design of the Soft Clinic does not require any special tools or a defficult setup process. Hardware and joinery are simplified by using flexible tubing.


passo San Marco, Italy, 2007

for an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

duch artist Leonard van Munster


art leaque Houston

Dan Havel, Dan Ruck

Dionisio Gonzales

ander voorbeeld


(Sint Pieters-Rode)

vele kleine kapellen zoeken de eenzaamheid van akkers op om te waken over goede veldvruchten.

the installation  U- town, 1998 by artist Steven Brower, is a vision of buckminster fuller-esque

American trailer-park culture, uniting the geodesic dome with the 1933(pre-SUV) tri-wheeled dymaxion car.

the cocoon is a small, light-weight, inflatable minitent. the tent can be inflated using a standard handpump or a supplied gas cartridge and can be erected quickly and easily by one person

ninety-two years after the first Gordon Bennett Coup Aéronautique, Festo unveiled a revolution in balloon racing: the world’s first inflatable basket. Unlike traditional wicker baskets, which have remained unchanged for nearly two hundred years, the innovative pneumatic construction of this new asket represents a major advance in gas-balloon technology. Choice materials, novel ballast distribution, and integrated discharge pathsfor static electricity are the distinct advantages of the new Festo basket.Pneumatic modules made of coated contitech fibers and inflated with compressed air make up the basket’s supporting grame and provide clear advantages in terms of weight.A two -ply membrane covering the spaces betweenframework components allows pilots to carry up to 600 liters of water within the sides of the basket, thus eliminating much of the need to use sand bags for ballast. For safety reasons, ballast water is distributed among several chambers and can be drained either as needen or entirely, in the event of an emergency . Gas ballons require increased safety precautions,especially when it comes to the necessity to discharge static electricity; for this reason Festo has integrated a network of conductive materials into the basket’s protective exerior. Achieving the necessary conductivity in wicker baskets has traditionally meant weaving copper wiring into the basket’s structure. The conductivity of Festo’s new basket material, however, along with its support cables, which connect tot the exterior support rack at points beneath the basket floor, provide ten times the minimum specific resistance required for gasballon baskets by the German Civil Aviation Authority.

Gas-balloons races cover large distances and take place over the course of several days.For this reason Festohas equipped its basket with a solar sail and rain gear, plus a built-in berth so that  pilots have a chance to rest. The basket also comes with the means of fastening down all equipment securely, including axygen cylinders and electronic instrument, even during the roughest landings. The inflatables basket’s excellent floatation properties also eliminate the need for the life rafts that would traditionally be used in emergency water landings.


Thte Time for Peace Pavilion is a mobile architectural pavilion designed to travel throughout the world. Conceived by artists Robert and Marion Eindbeck, this sculptural and streamlined project is aimed to raise the public consciousness of the possibilities of peace.

The time for peace pavilion is a building on wheels that moves  from site to site, carrying its own structure, enclosure, floors, interiors and infrastructure. This mobility gives the pavilion the flexibility to adapt to multiple uses at individual sites.

The interior of the pavilion is divided into five spaces dedicated to information, education, communication, and art. The centerpiece and largest of the five chambers, the chamber of reflection, contains a enormous art installation transforming the entire space into a painted envirnment. In the information chamber the visitor is taken on a dedactic voyage through the history of conflict.In the communication chamber the visitor is immersed in an interactive media experience. In the special event chamber diverse activities such as concerts, plays , and performances are held.

Een ongewone boomhut waar je kunt in gaan logeren

adres zie–> links

speelgoedhuisje( dollhouse)

opmerkelijke winkels

Aubervilliers, 1989

Architects : Patrick Bouchain et Jean Harari

bovenop het “dak van de wereld”



peek inside a container


peek inside a container by S@Z.

Terrace restaurant Wijn of Water stands alongside the River Maas in

the heart of the Lloydkwartier. This is a district on the up, the center of
Rotterdam’s new media district and a great place to meet and relax
by the water. Wijn of Water’s temporary home is a group of converted
sea containers. But the views, from inside and the terrace, are splendid:
you look out over a fantastic section of the river and the port.
Wijn of Water sees itself as an interactive wine rack with exciting
audiovisual projections and claims to be the first multimedia restaurant
in Rotterdam. The menu changes with the seasons, with the dishes
served featuring ingredients, aromas and colors from Mediterranean
and Oriental cuisines. The restaurant also offers a good selection of
Languedoc wines, a sparkling range of waters, trendy cocktails and
original drinks from Surinam, Morocco and Turkey.

For more information, visit wijnofwater.nl 


Leandro Ehrlich, Too Late For Help (2008), Installation view, Lower 9th Ward




Frank van der Salm
Cocoa Abstractions In Mind
From the Chocolate exhibition at the new 21_21 Design Sight space in Tokyo: Play King Kong with this miniature “city made of chocolate,” imagining yourself crashing through semi-sweet office buildings and flinging about menacing bosses. By Naoko Tone and Atsuyoshi Iijima.
Michael Chesko built this scale model of NYC’s midtown using balsa wood and a love for detail
This scale miniature of Midtown took 2000 hours to complete. As reference, he used blueprints, old photographs, digital reproductions, and satellite images. On a good day, he’d work his way through four city blocks. The entire model is 36″ x 30″… a good deal smaller than most office desks. At the 1:3200 scale, the Empire State Building Chesko’s favorite skyscraper) roughly reaches the dizzying height of a Campbell’s Soup can

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